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Does it really look fake? While many stamped concrete contractors northeast decorative concrete will tell you that their products don’t actually look like concrete, the fact is that it probably does. Stamped concrete actually looks very real, because most stamped concrete artists are able to successfully replicate the natural appearance of poured concrete. To achieve real-looking color changes, such as you’d see in natural stone, most stamped concrete contractors also use dry Shake or integral color in combination with exterior surface-applied colors. This is achieved by spraying the exterior layer (usually a multi-layer application) with a colored coating that is then set with an opaque texture on the concrete surface.

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In addition to looking like stone, stamped concrete contractors also utilize a stippling process to add visual interest and character to the concrete. Stippling, which can also be referred to as “stacking” or “chip piling,” is the repeated application of a thin plastic coating to a concreted surface. This is typically done over many successive applications to achieve the desired effects. The advantage of this stippling process is that it creates a beautiful texture on the concrete, but there are some disadvantages as well. The major drawback of this method of application is that it requires a lot of manpower and is typically more expensive than other options. Pavers, on the other hand, are much less labor-intensive and can be used when there is not enough time to prepare the pavers in advance.

One of the most common areas where stamped concrete contractors apply stamped concrete stamps is on driveways and walkways. The primary reason is that driveways and walkways are often wet or moist, making the stamped concrete quite useful for landscaping and exterior enhancement purposes. Most patios and driveways seen in residential neighborhoods contain at least some level of flat surface. For those who are looking to enhance the level of aesthetic appeal of their home or business, the incorporation of stamped concrete stamps can be quite helpful. Driveways, walkways, patios–anywhere you have flat or level surfaces and want to create an attractive exterior appearance can be enhanced with the use of stamped concrete stamps.

Another reason why stamped concrete contractors often choose to use these stamps is because they are also very easy to install. Typically, homeowners will need to do a variety of things before installing these types of overlays such as preparing the area to be stamped, purchase the required equipment and supplies, and secure the installation location. Once these steps have been completed, the installation process can begin. The great thing about these types of overlays is that they can be installed fairly quickly, which means that they can be put on driveways, patios, walkways, and wherever else someone might want to use them.

In addition to helping to improve the appearance of a home or business, these types of stamped concrete projects can also add a level of design to the exterior of the structure. By choosing patterns such as checkered patterns or textured vertical lines, a homeowner can choose stone textures that will complement existing landscaping or other features within the home or business. These stamped stone overlays are not only attractive and pleasing to the eye, but they can also provide the concrete with a certain level of hardness and durability. This helps to make them an ideal option when it comes to sealing and protecting concrete materials.

Among the options that are often available to homeowners when it comes to selecting stamped concrete patterns is the selection of natural stone patterns. These patterns tend to be flat and are usually accented by darker colors. The dark colors may be earth tones such as brown or beige, grey, or even black. However, there are some darker choices that have the ability to help customize the exterior of any type of building. These include brick, sandstone, limestone, and even slate, which can be custom designed to blend with the existing color palette of a home or business.

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