What Brand of Hot Tub Do You Prefer?

When buying a hot tub, you should not only look at the cost and the model. You should also be concerned about choosing a hot tub brand that will give you many years of enjoyment. The most important consideration when selecting a hot tub brand is the quality of the jets. They determine how relaxing it is and whether your spa is a relaxing experience. Jets are available in many different sizes, designs, materials and speeds. How do you choose?

Hot tub brand

If you are considering a new hot tub brand, you should take into account the quality of the jets. For example, swim spas built for recreational use have more expensive jets because they provide more therapeutic exercise. The higher end brands may have replaceable jets. Your new arctic model should be made with advanced hydrotherapy equipment for total body conditioning. An arctic with standard and replaceable jets will cost more but provide more value for your money.

Swim spas are the third most popular hot tub brand. They are the most technologically advanced spas and offer you many new features. Many manufacturers offer interchangeable jets with different size, designs and speeds. A swim spa’s best selling model may have an arctic with a removable heater core, larger than standard models. Most of these models also have adjustable speeds and come in a variety of sizes. Many of the latest models also have a handheld diagnostics device for increased diagnostic accuracy.

The next type of spas are in-cabin models. They have many of the same features as swim spas, but without the need to store the equipment. Some of the latest models are built with a sliding door for easy access. Most of the newer models offer self-cleaning functions and come with a console for setting temperatures. Many models offer stereo music players and CD players.

Steam spas are the last option and offer you the ultimate in relaxation. They are generally available only in small sizes. You can find steam hot tubs from all of the top brands including Sanyo, Life Span and others. You can find steam spas that use electricity or are completely self-contained. Many of these brands offer special features such as thermal flooring, pre-chambered jets and therapeutic water jets.

These are the most common error codes for these manufacturers and can help you save money on your purchase. Call the dealers throughout your area for more information about any error code you might encounter. All of these brands offer spa and hot tubs so make sure to do your research. Most dealers will be more than happy to help you choose the right one for your needs. You can also check websites for customer reviews to help make your decision even easier.