Canvassing App Benefits

A canvassing app is a tool that allows your team to update and communicate with voters on the go. It can help you reach more voters, and provides valuable information on the voter’s voting history, and hot-button issues. It can also help you develop a more targeted campaign and increase your chances of winning the election. There are several canvassing apps available, but it is important to find the right one for your organization.

When using the app, you can provide adaptable scripts for both pros and novices in your group. These can be tailored to your target audience and help you identify key factors that may affect their vote. The app can also help you track your results and measure your progress in real time. It can also provide feedback on your volunteers’ performances, and notify them of important milestones or accomplishments, such as reaching 25% of their turfs.

Using a canvassing app also helps reduce the number of paper lists you need to print and cut down on waste. It can also eliminate the need to manually input data back into VAN after every canvass, which can save a lot of time and money. The software can even help you keep track of your supporters and remind them to register to vote in upcoming elections. It can also help you improve your targeting and deliver your message to voters who are most likely to support your campaign.

The best canvassing apps also offer the option to upload custom scripts, contact lists and volunteers. These can be used for varying campaigns and have different permissions, so that only the correct people can access them. This can prevent data from being stolen or abused by malevolent competitors. The app also has a feature that lets you coordinate with poll watchers to ensure that no unfair or illegal activities occur during the canvassing process.

There are many different canvassing apps to choose from, but they all share similar features. They allow you to customize the scripts that your canvassers use, provide real-time tracking and reporting, and enable volunteers to record their responses. They can also be updated in real-time, eliminating the need for post-canvass data entry. Some apps can also send text messages to voters who haven’t responded, allowing you to follow up quickly.

Another benefit of canvassing apps is that they can work offline and can be synced to the PDI system when a volunteer has a connection. They can then see updates for other canvassers in their assignment area. This is particularly useful for canvassers working in Airplane Mode or without internet connectivity. The app will display a message that says “Please wait while your data loads”. This normally lasts only a few seconds. When the canvassers log in again, they will be able to see updated voter and household color codes. They can then choose to sync their assignments again by tapping the 3 dot icon on the My Assignments page.